Department of Student Affairs






Activity Section


Responsible for different kinds of school activities、assembly、Club and Elite programs. Let students explore knowledge and gain the personal ability.

Elite Course

Elite courses aim to help the students to learn challenging themselves, communication and cooperation skills, problem solving skills, going through tough times during teamwork by integrating activities into courses, which will make the students study happily. Students from different grades will have different elite courses, which will enrich every student’s life experience.


G7 Running GPS

Students learn knowledge in interdisciplinary teaching. We design the course by using the tools, like iPad and GPS and hope that students can learn different things. Students find answers and finish the tasks, learn to observe nature and search during exploration, which will also verify what they have learnt during class.



G8 Three Kingdoms Challenge Camp

This course subverts the tradition of military training by combining the history of three kingdoms and 3-days-2-nights outdoor skills learning. Students learn to analyze and solve problems, team communication and cooperation skills and resources integration skills when they calculate the military strength and make strategy.



G9 One Belt One Road

Students pay attention to the Chinese international economic policy, One Belt One Road, from researching before the tour to going on the belt road. We hope that the students of Kang Chiao, who will go studying abroad, can have the cognition of the economic policy during this 12 days course, which combines group teaching and teamwork in studying. We have a vision, ‘Nurturing International Leaders, Preparing Our Students for a Bright Future’.



G10 Cycling Around Taiwan

Students cycle around Taiwan on bike and finish almost 1000 km cycling, which is really a challenge and great experience of life time. This is time to check the achievements of the elite courses. Students learn lots of things in elite courses like leader and problem solving abilities. Students are more like grown-ups after finishing cycling.



Club Activities

In order to cultivate students with hobbies, develop potential, lead students to do proper activities and promote competition force, school carry out diversified club courses. Both MS and HS have 20 clubs.





Swimming Section



There are thirteen teachers and one specialist in our team. All the teachers have a cute nickname which is named after fish, such as sturgeon, conch and so on. The swimming course is taught by swimming caps' color. There are five colors in total, white, yellow, blue, red, black respectively. The color also represents the swimming level. There are four swimming strokes. We teach from freestyle, then backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly. We also have kangchiao's swimming team for developing the higher level students.




Performing Arts Section



Responsible for the Performing Arts Program, school orchestra and the management of the concert hall to enhance students' aesthetic knowledge and help students to gain the ability to appreciate arts.




Discipline Section



Responsible for the students discipline affairs, including life tidiness and discipline competition, lost and found goods, warning letter, detention and so on.






PE and Athletics Section



PE and Athletic section offers many different sporting activities during first and second semester. Thse activities will allow student to enhance their college applications with examples of a well rounded education that reflects education of both mind and body. The team sport is a signicant program in PE and Athletic section. The maximum team number is 16 . There will be basketball season, football season and volleyball season in the whole school year. Teams need to experience one-week tryout period. Only studnets with good behavior and decent GPA can be chosen into the team. Once selected as a team palyer, students will practice twice a week, work hard ,encourage their team player to do their best. They also represent KCIS and may travel to other school to participate competitions and sometimes be at weekends.




Dormitory Section



Responsible for the management of accommodation, dining and attendance. As homeroom teachers, they are very important being the connection among students, parents and school.